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We are Atomic, the
largest digital restaurant franchise
in Latin America

Empowering over 700 kitchens to maximize their existing resources 

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We're the largest digital restaurant franchise in Latin America. We leverage big data and technology to create and promote our delicious delivery and  pick-up-only brands, which are then operated in the kitchens of third-party restaurants & commercial kitchens.

Do you run a restaurant
or professional kitchen?

Maximize your existing kitchen & staff and make the most of your existing resources, including idle space and time! 

Partner with Atomic and become an Atomic Partner to turn your kitchen into a successful delivery franchise. Boost your orders and skyrocket your revenues with our Atomic Digital Brands.

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& Scalable

Support & 



What we offer you: 



Fast franchisee setup; you will become an Atomic Partner with unprecedented speed thanks to our, efficient training, simple menus and branded packaging.


Earn more money, in the first week alone, our franchisees receive an average of 70 new orders, a number that rapidly escalates.

A turnkey 360-degree solution, covering everything 

from training, menu, food cost, suppliers, listing management, technology & logistics. 



Robust marketing strategies, boosting visibility, sales, and customer engagement. From in-app campaigns to social media & partnerships, we've got it covered.

we have accomplished



Monthly average orders 2023











Meet our
digital brands:




& Scalable

Support & 


We have built exceptional digital brands around a delivery-centric model.

At Atomic Kitchens, our unwavering commitment lies with our end customers, the individuals who order our food. We live and breathe to deliver them not just incredible food but an exceptional overall experience.


For our Atomic Partners, our streamlined, easy-to-prepare menus ensure a commitment to quality/consistency, and by leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence, we efficiently optimize operating margins for them. This strategic approach has resulted in a successful partnership with over 700 Atomic Partners across Latin America & Canada.

"When we activated Poked we took a 360 turn and reached 1000 orders"

Edwin Castro // Poked Atomic Partner - Chile.

Knowledge Base

  • What is a Digital Restaurant?
    A digital restaurant, also referred to as a virtual restaurant, operates exclusively online, offering delivery and pickup services. Unlike traditional restaurants with a physical storefront, digital restaurants depend solely on online platforms to receive orders and facilitate deliveries. These innovative establishments leverage cutting-edge technology to optimize their operations, ensuring swift and efficient service for customers.
  • What we do at AtomicKitchens?
    AtomicKitchens is the largest digital restaurant franchise in Latin America. Leveraging big data and technology, we create and promote super-efficient delivery and pick-up-only digital restaurant brands. We partner with existing restaurants and commercial kitchens, empowering them to maximize their existing resources, including idle space and time, and then activate our brands in their locations; they become Atomic Partners and we work together to take them to the next level!🚀
  • What countries does AtomicKitchen operate in?
    We currently operate in the following Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Dominican Republic & Uruguay. As well as Canada in North America.
  • Why having a Digital Restaurant in your kitchen?
    Integrating a digital brand into your kitchen is a strategic move with numerous benefits, such as increasing your revenue streams and profits. Rather than relying solely on your current business, you can tap into an additional source of income without escalating fixed costs. Already have a kitchen and staff right? Then become an Atomic Partner and let us maximize your existing investments like rent, insurance, permits and other resources, including idle space and time. Partner with us to seamlessly transform your existing kitchen into a thriving digital franchise.
  • With whom does AtomicKitchens partner?
    For our Atomic Partners we look for restaurants and commercial kitchens that are permitted and authorized by their local governments. We look for passionate entrepreneurs in the food industry who not only love food but also recognize that quality and consistency are the key ingredients. They understand that delivering an exceptional experience to customers is just as important as providing great food. If you're looking to boost your orders, income, and margin. and share our commitment to excellence, we're here to make you an Atomic Partner.
  • What does AtomicKitchens do for their Atomic Partners?
    AtomicKitchens provides their Atomic Partners with a comprehensive turnkey 360 solution, including, but not limited to: Menu & Recipes Training Technology Supply chain negotiation Support Delivery app management Marketing
  • How long takes to get started?
    Activating your Atomic digital brand in your kitchen is a straightforward and hassle-free process. In just 14 days, you'll be welcoming your first batch of new Atomic orders.

Ready to become
an Atomic Partner?



Backed by great venture capital firms, we're able to drive innovation, expand our reach, and continue to revolutionize the food-tech industry.

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